Keen Systems: Database Consultant

Keen Systems provides custom database software to help you run things more efficiently.
  • Appropriate IT systems can make a company or organisation far more effective
  • Inappropriate ones can just make everything more complicated

The system you need might be anything from a simple Excel sheet to a full-blown database. Or you might just need help thinking about your current systems and any small tweaks that would make a difference. With software,  big is not necessarily better and so often less is more.

We value simplicity –

– and we start with your needs.

So the first thing is to discover what those needs are.

That’s why we offer an initial 20 minute consultation for free…

Tell us a bit about your business and current processes by clicking here, and we will contact you if you wish. The purpose is to discover if Keen Systems may be able to help your organisation.

As a database consultant, we specialise in Microsoft Access, Excel databases. SQL programming and similar software development, but you may need expertise in other areas. If this arises, we are very happy to refer you to people who have expertise in other types of databases or more general computer help.