About Keen Systems


Keen Systems is based in Devon and is owned by Andy Keen.

I have over 25 years experience as a programmer,  offering design and development as well as business systems analysis in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Most of my experience is with financial and administrative systems both large and small, based on database environments such as Oracle, SQL Server and Microsoft Access.

Also I have developed a number of Excel based systems – Excel is amazingly powerful combined with the VBA programming language, and it is something anyone can learn to do a bit of for themselves.

My aim is to provide software which is effective and of genuine value to my clients. Along with my technical input, I provide a friendly and jargon-free service. The result is that clients tend to come back to me again and again.

I have developed several database systems for small organisations, and also worked on large team-based projects in the public sector. Currently I am working with ITsorted, helping to develop database systems contactLINK and careLINK for voluntary organisations.

In 2004 I developed the Full Cost Recovery Template which was purchased by over 5000 organisations in the UK. I also managed the development of an updated version of this software in 2008, and continue to support acevo regarding project cost forecasting for the sector.

Other projects I have worked on include: