Tables and Fields

Each field in a database holds a single piece of data.  For example, in a database holding information about owls, you might have a table holding data about owl sitings. In this table, the fields might contain the siting date, the type of owl sited, the location and the name of the person who did […]

Data - Definition

Data is information recorded precisely in the form of text and numbers. The following is a piece of data:

Number of barn owls cited in Devon in 2010 is 237

The following is information but not data:  The number of barn owls being sited in Devon has been increasing over recent years.

Note that very often information can […]

Relational Database - Definition

A relational database is a software system which holds data in fields in a set of tables which are linked together.

That’s it! Well almost … Its not really a relational database unless the fields, tables and links are designed intelligently. By creating an appropriate structure for the data, we ease the process of designing forms […]