Excel: Keeping titles visible

If you have a list in Excel with titles at the top, and the list is longer than can be shown on the screen, scrolling down can be a problem as you can no longer see the titles. To get round this, you can freeze the first row so you can always see the titles. To do this:

  1. Select the second row (click on the number 2)
  2. Choose Window > Freeze Panes
  3. Try scrolling down now.

That’s it. To undo, just choose Window > Unfreeze Panes

You can freeze several rows at the top – just do the above but instead of selecting the second row, select the one below where you want to freeze (i.e if you want to freeze the top 3 rows, select the fourth row in step 1 above)

You can do the same for columns. Select a column (click on the row letter at the top) then do step 2 and scroll to the right. All columns to the left of the selected one remain displayed.

To do this for both rows and columns, select an individual cell at step 1 above. All columns to the left and rows above the cell will be frozen.

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