ResMan Job Costing Software

For architects and other project-based service companies.

You are making good headway on a fee submission, but the time has come to get down to detail.

  • Who will be required to work on the project for what periods?
  • Are those people available when required?
  • If not, what is the shortfall? Do you need to recruit extra people?
  • What will the cost be, based on several possible scenarios?

Once the project is underway, further questions arise around the monitoring of actual costs and the profitability of the project.

ResMan is a simple, graphical system which allows you to:

  • Allocate people (or generic roles) to projects and overhead activities.
  • Enter proportions of each person’s time required for up to 4 years, and display this graphically.
  • Calculate the cost of the project over the appropriate time range.
  • Collect timesheet and other data related to actual costs.
  • Calculate the actual costs over time.
  • Enter fee schedules.
  • Display a summary sheet showing all relevant figures and the resulting profitability.
  • Produce various reports analysing use of resources over time.

As an architect you might prefer systems that avoid unnecessary complexity in terms of figures but give you an overall sense of your resourcing and costs. Working with MJP, we designed the system with this in mind

“ResMan is unique in my experience in that it displays information in ways that can be easily understood by the architects in the practice, as well as showing the hard figures that our financial and management team require”

Liz Pride – MJP Architects

“As we have grown ResMan has been able to match our changing needs. It is a simple resources piece of software that enables us to easily project resources against costs. It doesn’t have lots of fancy buttons, or functionality, it has just what we need!”

Edward Rhodes – Metropolitan Workshops

The bottom line is that you are able to gather the information you need for financial management, without wasting precious resources.

“When we first approached Andy we had very little hard information about our project costs. Now we have a sound basis to calculate fees and, crucially, monitor expenditure through the life of each project. “

Contact Andy Keen for a demo of ResMan, face to face or over the internet.

Features and screen shots

ResMan Proects jForecasting

Forecast time by project and person


Forecast time by person and project

ResMan Forecasting Summary

Summary of time forecast

ResMan Timesheets

Timesheets filled in by each staff member


Summary of all hours in current month

ResMan Actuals

Summary of actual hours by project

ResMan Database- People

People database

ResMan Database - Projects

Project database

ResMan Project Summary

Project Summary Sheet



ResMan costs between £300 and £2500 depending on the size of your practice, what initial support and training you require, and whether you want any customised development work done. There is an annual license fee which covers support and maintenance. This is from £200 per year.

Technical Details

ResMan is an Excel Database system – that is it holds figures in an Access Database, while presenting the figures for display, entry and editing in Excel. Thus the look and feel of the software is familiar to those who use Microsoft Office regularly.